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LoJack® Connect Bike

LoJack® Connect™ is the telematic solution created around the needs of the most virtuous motorcyclists, attentive to the control of driving parameters and the use of the vehicle. With LoJack® you will have a simple but innovative system with which to protect your personal safety and that of your vehicle: in case of theft, crash, illness or when you need a mechanical aid.

Drive Experience

Customized rental

With Qooder your QDrive Experience starts before the purchase. Choose the personalized rental option that best suits your needs, we will provide you with the assistance necessary for booking.

Keep your Qpon code: it is a discount on a QOODER online purchase

2 DAYS Qpon

Try the Qooder’s guide for 2 days. Your first 150 Km of practical, safe and emotional driving.

4 DAYS Qpon

A 4-day experience tailored for you. Guide 400 Km in the new dimension signed Qooder.

7 DAYS Qpon


Give yourself a Qooder experience for 7 days, 800 Km of panoramas to conquer, a long journey, to live in a new dimension.

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